I hate (maybe hate is too strong) wearing glasses. It’s only in the last 4 or 5 years that they have become part of my life. My vision is actually pretty good. The ones I wear regularly are just for distance and do sharpen things up  a bit. I wear them when I drive, when I need to read something clearly on a sign or screen. They spend a lot of time perched on top of my head. I read under them. When I’m at home, they live on the kitchen counter, or the bedside table. In restaurants they often join the cutlery and plates on the table.

Over the last of couple on years, particularly as I was working at learning Greek and Hebrew, I started to wear reading glasses, the cheap drug store kind. Recently I’ve worn them quite regularly when I read, (although with the Kobo I can just make the font bigger) although I can still get along without them.

Today, disaster struck (or it would be if I really relied on my glasses, but this wouldn’t have happened if I did) After coming home from morning coffee with our cycling friends, the wood stoves had burnt down. I added wood and, thinking a bit of air would promote some flame, took my glasses off my head, set them down and proceeded to blow. I reminded myself to pick them up, but promptly forgot the reminder. The fire blazed and off I went to deal with the other one (we have two wood stoves). DSCN2431An hour or so later, the dog wanted out. As I walked to the door there was a crunch under foot. I knew immediately what I had done, but of course it was too late. One of the lenses now has a stylish crack right though the center. No amount of tape is going to repair this one.

I’m off to the optometrist to discuss repairs or replacement.


2 thoughts on “Glasses

  1. OMG……I know how you feel. I did something similar with an expensive pair of frameless vario-focals. I’ve been wearing pecs at the cheaper end of the market ever since!

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