2012 Christmas Letter

DSCN2036It’s the evening of the 22nd of December, close enough to Christmas to write the 2nd annual reflection on the past year. I’m sitting in C’s living room in Brossard Quebec, the snow swirling around outside and temperatures preparing to fall to the -15 C range overnight. It’s a lot more like Christmas here, today, than the 2 C and rain we left behind yesterday.

Reviewing the blog posts of the past year, there seem to have been three major happenings which have filled our conversations: a bike trip, a wedding, and a birth.

In May we set out on a two-week adventure on a tandem bicycle in eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.DSCN2249 We traveled on rail trails, bike paths, roads, and Quebec bike routes, saw a lot of country, met lots of good folks, had a battle with a gang of raccoons, got a lot of good exercise and solidified our love of the tandem bicycle. Somehow, the closeness, the ability to communicate easily, the sense of teamwork has led us to make the tandem our first choice for long trips. We’ve ordered a brand new one for our adventures in 2013 which is arriving before the new year. Stay tuned for updates on our next adventure.

June 2012 was the most memorable month or our year. It was really busy; we flew to San Francisco to attend J and L’s wedding in a beautiful park surrounded by huge redwood trees,LJ_Wed_0724 and a week later, flew to Edmonton to meet our first grandchild. We have been blessed, even though it has been difficult to picture ourselves as grandparents. All of our children are married and on their way.

Little D is about the cutest kid (and I’m not at all biased)  entertaining us during our frequent Google talk visits and in videos recording his historic firsts. He has probably made us feel the physical distance that is between us and our kids most keenly. The video clips  and chats just don’t cut it when compared to actually snuggling the little fellow. 20120916_141934We were back in Edmonton for his baptism and his parents, R & J, brought him to Ontario to visit in October, so we haven’t been totally deprived.

We did have another addition to our family in 2012. J and M adopted Kingsley, a brother for Mocha and a nephew for Liia. we’re not sure about a second dog in a house in the 600 square foot range, but everyone seems to be getting along very well (and it’s not really our problem, is it?)

For J and I, this year has been one of continuing on. J has continued on in her job at the YMCA. She enjoys the work, especially helping the clients coming into the gym to meet their goals. Her work seems to be appreciated by both the users of the gym and her fellow staff members. I have continued on with my studies, coming within sight of the end of my MDiv program, as well as continuing to work with farmers and feed dealers through Threefold Consulting.ForkintheRoad Both of us know that at some point continuing is going to come to some sort of end as we figure out the next steps in the journey we are on. The MDiv will soon be done and decisions will need to be made about next steps.

And yet, even as we move toward an unknown, we recognize that we have been blessed again this year. Both of us are healthy and are able to take advantage of our flexible schedules to travel and to explore the world around us.

We wish you the blessing of the Christmas season. Peace on earth and good will toward all.


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