December 1 2012

Today is December 1. Any of the readers of this blog, who also follow This Dusty House, already know about the long standing, Scrooge-like, tradition of refusing to acknowledge Christmas until December 1st at the earliest.

20121201_143011So, today we did the minimalist bit of decorating that we do. A garland with lights went onto the porch railing and a big wreath beside the front door. I took the tree bag off the fully decorated artificial tree in the fruit cellar, carried it upstairs, put it in the front window, and plugged it in. A smaller tree, made of barbed wire (sounds redneck, but it is really quite nice) came out from under a bag as well, and is now sitting in the living room beside the woodstove.20121201_143112

I think J might do a bit more with a garland on the upstairs railing and some decorations on the dining room chairs. She claims I don’t have the proper level of finesse to do those jobs. She’s likely right.

We’ve decorated enough to show we are not ignoring the season, enough to help cheer up the neighbourhood, but not so much that you would wonder if we have totally missed the point of, the reason for, the season.


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