Biking Season May be Over

We woke up to snow on the ground this morning. Liia thought she wanted to go outside and actually did get out on to the back deck. One look at the snow and she seemed to be able to control any call of nature. She turned right around and wanted back in. It wasn’t even that warm in the house. We seem to have run out of propane. The shower was just a little more than warm.

So, it looks like the cycling season is over. Its been nearly two weeks (maybe even more) since we had the bikes out. It seems that we are either busy, or its raining. I think I’ll just give up and move the road bike to the trainer in the basement till spring. If we do get a chance to ride again, I’ll take the touring bike.

This year, the touring bike hardly got used at all. It has a total of 93 km on it.(Late season edit: November 16th the weather was a bit warmer, so the touring bike came out. It wasn’t that warm so only 15 km were accomplished) We take the touring bikes when we go camping since the tires are a little more suitable for campground  roads. We did do a big tour this year, but it was done on the tandem pulling our new trailer. That experience has us looking for an upgrade for the Miyata tandem and plans for even longer tandem rides in the future. The tandem ended up with about 1300 km on it (the battery on the bike computer is dead this morning). The road bike was used mostly for exercise rides in the evenings and a couple of longer rides into town. Its surprising how these rides add up. There’s 1047 km on that odometer.

That brings the total for the season to almost 2500 km considerably more than last year, but still not to the record of the previous year.

Running the bike on the trainer in the basement is nothing like riding outside, but, I did find myself in a much better place, physically, this spring, having put on quite a few miles going nowhere.


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