Birthday, Baptism, Bounty

What better gift could one get on their birthday than to be part of the baptism service of a grandchild. Sure, it might mean that my “special day” is over shadowed, but, who really cares? I’ve had lots of birthdays where the gift of grace has not been highlighted nearly as much as it was today, where the gift of life has not been the center, where God’s faithfulness was not as clearly remembered.

God’s faithfulness was clear today. We felt it as the pastor played with the water in the baptismal font, urging us to remember our own baptism. We saw it in the baptismal gown that Daniel wore, a fairly plain, sixty-nine year old, dress that has served three generations before him (I wore it and so did his mother). We felt it as we gathered as a family from various places in North America to join with the congregation in Edmonton in a pledge to help to raise Daniel to know and love his Creator and Savior.

It was a gift and a privilege to sing the words of Psalm 139 with my youngest daughter accompanied by a wonderful pianist. “Help me walk on, Help me walk on, Help me walk on  where you are leading.”

I have been blessed. God is faithful.

And….there was cake.


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