Its Thursday and I feel a bit like I’m swimming, directionless, with nowhere to put my feet down and just rest a while. Its disconcerting.

This feeling may be coming from the fact that school never really stopped. By the time I wrote my Greek exam and the final Philosophy paper, my online Preaching course had been opened with all of its challenges.

It may be coming from the trip that we are taking this weekend, to Edmonton (more on this later), which has landed in the middle of the first week of my physical seminary classes, making it feel like things there have not really started yet while giving me the strong feeling of already being behind.

It may be due to the increased workload that has come to my consulting company, partially from my own successes, and partially because one of the folks  I worked with has been relieved of his duties and I have been asked to cover some of those as well.

It may be spawned by the realization that I am entering the last two semesters of my degree and really don’t have a clear picture of what the next step is.

It may be a simple as the fact that fall has arrived with its shorter days, and the promise of the cold and dark of winter.

Whatever is causing this feeling, I wish it would go away. I really don’t have time for it right now.

Listen to me, you islands;
hear this, you distant nations:
Before I was born the Lord called me;
from my mother’s womb he has spoken my name. Isaiah 49:1


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