Cycling in Bruce

The summer is rapidly coming to a close. It’s been a busy summer with travel, canoeing, cycling, Greek, and work. We wanted to squeeze in one more long bike ride. Yesterday was the day. We’re paying for it today.

Ready to go in Paisley.

Bruce County puts out a cycling map. We have biked from home a lot, so we decided to load the bike (this is a tandem trip), drive 50km and start from there. Most of the loops on the map are less than 100 km, but one, the Eight Mills Loop, starting and ending in Paisley, looked like it would meet our needs.

About the route, the brochure says:

As for the ride itself, expect quiet country roads, light rollers, and probable bugs around the wetlands near Crawford.

I’m not sure that the brochure writers actually got on a bike and rode the route. If they had, they would have mentioned that nearly 20% of the route was gravel roads, with plenty of loose gravel on more than light rollers. They likely should have skipped the mill that was situated in the middle of nowhere and called it The Seven Mills Loop.

In the end, we modified en route to try to get out of the gravel hills. Our route was still just over 100 km with the last 45 directly into a pretty good breeze. The sun was out, but it was not hot. We got burnt. No one’s fault but our own.

Our lunch stop: The Williamsford Mill

We did find a wonderful stop for lunch at the easterly end of the loop. One of the eight mills has been converted to a bookstore/cafe in the little village of Williamsford. We had breakfast at 2:00 pm surrounded by the beams of the structure and an eclectic mix of

The interior of the mill.

new and used books. It was cool.

We ended the day extremely tired, burnt, and sore (not saying where). Our route home took us directly past the Holyrood General store where we took on all of the calories that we had burnt off in the day by treating ourselves to a “small” ice cream cone.

Today we head out camping for the weekend. The summer is over…..


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