We have a hummingbird feeder.

Its been out the whole season, but, for some reason the birds did not pay any attention to it. I actually thought  maybe the hummingbirds had all died on their way back from wherever they spend the winter. Just the other day though, I heard the distinctive whirr and chirp as a hummingbird harvested whatever it is they harvest from our Rose of Sharon. They were here all along.

It’s hard to catch these speedsters with a point and shoot digital camera that seems to have a shutter delay. Here I got three!!!

I decided to clean out the feeder, refill it with the tried and true sugar and water mix rather than the “attracts hummingbirds” mix that came with the feeder and hang it in a different place. Less than ten minutes later, they were there. Not just one, but two, three, sometimes four at a time. Hummingbirds don’t like to share, so it’s a regular Quiditch match outside our window. One bird tries to guard the feeder, chasing off all comers. While he’s chasing, others come and enjoy. There is a lot of buzzing and swooping, vertical flying and angry chirping.

I find these birds to be so amazing. They are so incredibly small, so wonderfully agile. Earlier today, one found its way into our garage. Over and over again it examined the ceiling looking for a way out, not recognizing the open door just a foot below. It was getting tired and finally rested on a broom that I had extended to the ceiling. It took a couple of tries, but finally, I got bird and broom out the door.

There are likely some metaphors in all of this, but today, I think I’ll just enjoy the birds for what they are, wonders.


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