VBS: Sonrise National Park

VBS is over for another season. We had nearly 70 kids show up for five days of fun and learning. Very few of these kids are affiliated with our church (we just don’t have many) so it really is an outreach program. This year the program had a park theme and the organizers went to a lot of work, building cabins and decorating the church to bring the outdoors in.

In the past couple of years, I have been quite involved, up front and center every day playing the role of “Commander Ken” , Chef Pierre, and Dr.(?). I enjoyed hamming it up for the kids. This year, because of the uncertain timing of the coming of BT, I could not commit to actually being in Ontario during the week of the program. Other plans were made and, other than one request to help with a drama on one of the days, the week was mine.

That changed Sunday morning. It appeared that I could be of value as a group helper for a large and potentially unruly group. I agreed to help, with the exception of Thursday which was already filled with Greek. By Tuesday, I had been recruited for another drama presentation (a short, unscripted item presented five times in two hours)

It was good to be there as part of what  churches should do best:share the gospel. It was good to see volunteers pull together to bring off something that was bigger than any one of us. It was good to see others from our community help out as well. It was cool to see God at work both in the kids that came and also in the organizers and volunteers, in our community.

I think one of the kids, T, likely one of the most disruptive of the group, the kid that you would hope would just stay home, the kid that you have a hard time liking, the kid that others turn away from, the kid that you are just not sure is getting anything out of being there, gave me pause on Friday, when he said, with dismay in his voice ” How come there is no VBS tomorrow?” God is working, we just need to keep watching. I, and others judged this little fellow unfairly. We might have forgotten that he too is a child of God and that God through our little VBS program is working in him as well.

It wouldn’t be the first time that we find ourselves choosing differently than God does.


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