Edmonton Sunday

We are still in Edmonton, and will be until Friday, enjoying being in the same city as our new grandson. We’re trying to be as helpful as we can be, while providing enough space that this young family can find its balance and that R can get enough rest. I guess, for a week anyway, we are pretending that we live just down the street, available but not always there.

One thing we could do today was provide a ride to church. R seemed keen to go, especially since there was a car available for the ride. This morning it rained, so the ride was a good thing. Daniel came into church with us and got his first sermon. Interestingly, the sermon was based on the fifth commandment: Honour your father and your mother. He’s going to need to be reminded of this first exposure to church and the message of the day because he slept through the whole thing. After the service he became, what R calls, a “granny magnet” drawing oohs and aahs, as he should (he is so cute!!!).

Four generations

J’s Dad is on the final leg of a six-week road trip. He and G joined us for church and then a picnic lunch (in our room due to rain). What a blessing it is to be able to have four generations together to celebrate new life and longevity. God is good.


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