I’m a Grandpa

Here he is!!!

Yesterday, Daniel deBoer Keating was born, and suddenly my place in life changed. No longer am I identified as the father of three great kids and the father-in-law to their spouses, but now I am also a grandfather. In his announcement email yesterday, JW referred to this as an upgrade. I know that the events of yesterday are not about me. They are much more about R and JW and their new son. The new life that came yesterday will change their lives in ways that they cannot yet imagine. It’s a wonderful gift and also a great responsibility which they, at this point anyway, are accepting with excitement and anticipation along with an amazing calmness and matter of fact attitude. We will go to meet the newest member of our family next week. Last night, J and I booked flights, a car, and made inquiries about a bed and breakfast, while celebrating with wine and chocolate. This morning, J couldn’t sleep anymore, so, at 5:30, started sending out the announcement emails and posting pictures on Facebook.

Daniel will change his parents lives and he has already changed mine.  When I woke up this morning, there was a grandmother in bed with me. A brand new experience on the journey of life.

We are blessed!


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