My Bike is Lighter

Yesterday, J rode her bike to work. Since her shift is not over until 9:00 pm, riding home again would not work. I took the truck, my bike, and supper into Clinton, had supper with her, loaded her bike into the truck, and rode my bike back home. Its 28.5 km of hills. I got home in 54 minutes with an average speed of 31.5 km/hour. I’ve never ridden so far so fast.

Part of this accomplishment is due to the gentle breeze that was coming from the south, pushing on my back. Part of it is due to riding over 1000 km on a heavy tandem bike pulling a trailer a couple of weeks ago. A significant portion is due to the fact that my bike has become a lot lighter.

I did not get a new bike. It’s the load on the bike that has become smaller. In the last two years, since quitting my job and becoming a full time student, I’ve avoided the first year spread and instead lost 23 pounds. Most of this loss has been because I no longer have many “business lunches”. Many of the interactions that I would have with my team were be over a meal in a restaurant with portions that were too large and too greasy. That part of my life has changed and meals are now much more modest and usually taken at home.

The last 10 pounds has fallen off following the tandem bike trip (not during) and I’m sure by next February, most of that weight will be back on, but for now I’m lighter than I have been in thirty years. Today, my BMI went from “overweight” to “normal”.

They say the cheapest way to get a lighter, faster bike is to lose weight. Well, my bike is now lighter and faster and sadly, I’m still riding the same one.


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