San Francisco and a Wedding: Reflections

A beautiful couple and an amazing venue. Photo courtesy Cerisa Orozco

We are home. This trip to San Francisco was more memorable than any that we have experienced so far. The trip revolved around a very special wedding. Our son was married to a beautiful young woman on Saturday in a ceremony that embraced a wide variety of people who make up the community  that loves and supports them.  We too felt embraced by this  community, made new friends, and look forward to the opportunity to interact with them in the future.

J speaking at the wedding. Photo courtesy Donella Held

We are excited about the future for J and L. In her speech at the reception (I didn’t talk) J, as mother of the groom, conveyed our words of blessing, asking God to be a central part of this new union. She told some stories too, about her relationship with James, breastfeeding etc, that drew some laughs and were the catalyst for some meaningful conversations during the rest of the evening, but also recognized that a change has taken place in her relationship with her son. L is now J’s main focus. A new family has been started. Our role is one of support, as we can, and we offer that support to them without condition.

It was good to be there, and to have been part of the process that led up to this day. It was good to have grandparents there, as well, to offer their love and support . My parents celebrated 54 years of marriage this year and provide an example to this young couple of the longevity that is found in a loving relationship. There were not a lot of “mature” couples at the wedding. J and I may have been the second longest relationship at 32 years.

We’re having a hard time getting going today. The cycle tour, followed by the excitement of the weekend, are taking their toll as we work to process everything that has happened over the past weeks. Almost all of it has been positive, and a blessing, as we continue to grow and learn.

At some point we need to get back to life, a Greek exam, an ongoing philosphy course some rations and farm calls, work at the fitness center, all the while anticipating the call that will send us on our next journey to Edmonton, and into the next phase of our lives


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