San Francisco and a Wedding: We Celebrate

We’re packing to leave the city. J and M should already be gone to the airport and likely on their flight. We leave the hotel in a couple of hours.

San Francisco has treated us well on this trip. The weather has been very unusual. The city is normally cool.  The ocean and the bay moderate the temperature and often provide lots of fog in the early morning and evening. We had been warned that the venue for the wedding could be extremely cold in the evenings.

The city must have known we were coming. The conditions for the wedding were perfect and every day was wonderful as well.  Yesterday we visited Alcatraz and J actually got a pretty good sunburn.

Besides the weather, and the wonderful wedding we witnessed, we can also celebrate the city itself. Our hotel, the Metro, was awesome. Its small and funky, but the people who run it provide a level of personal service that we have never experienced before. We’ll be back here again if the occasion arises. The taxi drivers were worth every penny we gave them for their humour, advice, commentary, and the adrenalin that they produced in us as they got us quickly from place to place.

SF is a beautiful city, filled with beautiful architecture and wonderful people. We are heading home today, back to our own beautiful, but different place.


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