San Francisco and a Wedding, We Arrive.

We are in San Francisco now. It seems such a short time ago that we were pedalling over the hills of central and eastern Ontario (and it was). We just went from one thing to the next.

Our son is getting married to a wonderful young woman on Saturday. We have not been very involved in the planning or the preparations to this point and that is fine. Now as the day approaches we do have a few jobs to do. A rehearsal party to help out with, speeches to give, and love and encouragement to pass out. We’ll meet L’s mother for the first time over breakfast.

On the plane. J did a great job of organizing everything

Its been interesting traveling with the grandparents. My parents came with us.  J’s parents decided to drive from Ontario and are due to arrive today. They are determined not to miss anything. My dad brought his cane, something he has not used a lot since he broke his hip, and valiantly walked from our hotel to J and L’s apartment ,and back, up and down SF’s hills, often leading the way with a grim determination not to be in any way coddled. He did concede to using the elevator at the apartment rather than tackle four flights of stairs. Hopefully, if I make it to 76, I won’t need to be given special treatment either.

By the end of the day, all of us were tired.


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