Another Journey Done

We’re back home.

For ten days we cycled. We covered just over 1000km. We broke a personal distance record and managed to ride a century (100 miles) on one of those days. We enjoyed the company of good friends and made some new ones along the way. We saw a lot of country from the backside, small roads, rail trails, and bike paths. We survived a night under attack by raccoons and the drivers of Montreal.

Now our bottoms are really sore, and we are both feeling the effects of a lack of adrenalin in our systems. We’re tired.

The trip was a success though. J and I are still best friends after over 50 hours riding a single piece of equipment. We have a new understanding of teamwork. of needing each other to get the job done (not that we hadn’t already recognized this).

Getting ready to leave C’s house in Brossard (Montreal)

In an earlier post, we wondered about whether or not to take the tandem or our touring bikes. Now the question that needs to be answered is “What do we do next?” We enjoyed the tandem experience, the teamwork, the ability to communicate on the road, the extra distance and speed that we could get over working individually. We also know that we could do better than the tandem we are now riding. This one is likely 20 years old. It’s heavy and has somewhat outdated components. If there is another tandem tour in the future we should upgrade.

For the bike it was a sort of “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” situation. No matter how this ride went “Gertrude” was going to be for sale. It feels like she’s going to be replaced by a younger model.

And yes, we are talking about the next trip. Maybe across the country in 2013. Anyone want to come with us?


3 thoughts on “Another Journey Done

    • They both have their place, but, in this case I think the tandem did a better job. Communication was better, we could climb every hill, we were more together. It does fall down in terms of maneuverability on city streets and even getting around the barriers at the ends of trails.

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