Second Last Day

We’re holed up in a Comfort Inn again tonight. While it’s not raining now, the forecast says it will be by morning. Packing up a wet tent and equipment just doesn’t feel like fun. Heading out in the rain will be bad enough.

This detour cost us over a kilometer for a 50 meter break in the trail for a huge construction site.

This morning, we did head out in the rain. It rained on us for the first 25 or 39 km, never really hard, but hard enough that we wore rain jackets and ran our flashing lights. We’re off main roads so when the Mallorytown restaurant showed up at about the 40 km mark it was very welcome. Coffee, tea,, and homemade butter tarts really gave life a new feeling. The lady that owns the place was so excited about our trip that she had to have pictures (just to show her grand children).

One thing that we have noticed, is that our method of riding hard for most of the day leaves little energy, or time, to explore the places we end up in. We get to know a motel or campground, grocery stores, and various restaurants, but the things that make these places unique are often closed when we arrive, or look like they would take too much time if we come across them on the way. As we plan future trips, I think we will add rest days to allow our wounds, abrasions, sore muscles, and worn patches to heal, as well as providing some time to act like tourists.

We have just less than 100km left to cover tomorrow. The forecast says we will have rain all day tomorrow.


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