Its a Century

A Century, in cycling terms, is a 100 mile ride. We did one, our first one, today.

Last night, we stopped a little before our intended destination. J had today’s ride calculated at a little over 100 km. We started, from St Zotique, Quebec,  in good time. since the weather forecast for Brockville was for rain later in the afternoon and we hoped to miss it. Tomorrow is supposed to rain as well.

After 15 k or so we passed back into Ontario and on to  the Waterfront Trail. The wind is almost always from the west, so, in normal circumstances, we would be facing the wind. Today was not normal and the wind was on our backs. With the possibility of rain tomorrow, it seemed to make sense to go as far as possible today, maybe even 100 miles, the century.

Just before Prescott it started to spit rain, and then it came harder. We sat some of it out over hot chocolate, lemon meringue pie and chocolate cake in a restaurant. The rain did not stop, so we got back on the bike and rode the last 25 km splashing through puddles. It wasn’t pouring, but by the time we were done, we were good and wet.

Tonight we will stay in a Comfort Inn. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Stats: Distance: 162km

Average Moving Speed: 22.7km/hr


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