Montebello Quebec

Tonight we are in Montebello Quebec. It’s an odd place really. in 2001, the town had a population of just over a thousand people. I don’t think that the population has grown that much by the look of the age of the houses in the area. The odd thing is, there are 317 rooms in various hotels, motels and B&B’s. The village has twelve restaurants. It’s a real tourist place, but we can’t really see why people come here. There is a golf course and a marina, but we’re not seeing much else.

The 211 room  Chateau Montebello, where we are not staying

The biggest of all of the hotels is the Montebello Chateau, part of the Fairmont chain. We’re not staying there (too expensive), but went for a walk before supper just to look. It’s apparently the largest log building in Canada, and it is amazing. The fireplace in the center of the lobby could likely hold a cord of wood at a time,.The wooden log frames are all covered with a dark finish as are all the walls which makes the place quite dark. But, it is high-class. A doorman let us in, with a sign offering valet parking for only $25 right beside the door.

The 18 room Motel Bel-eau, where we are staying

It seems that the people of Montebello make most of their livelihoods from the service industries. On this Monday in May, business looked pretty slow.


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