We’re on Day 3 Already

A while ago, I wrote about a trip we were planning on our tandem bicycle. Well, we’re on it! We’ve been our three days, covered almost 300 km, and, believe it or not, J and I are still liking each other.

We used Google Maps to set up the trip. They’ve got a beta program there that will set up bicycle routes. We used that, transferred the route to Mapmyride.com and from there to the Garmin. The first line of the Google map warns users that this is a beta program and should not necessarily be trusted. In most cases it has done a good job. This morning, it took us off of a busy paved road (Highway 7) where we were motoring along at 27-28 km/hour on to a gravel road; very scenic, very slow. In the past three days more than half of our pedaling has been on gravel roads, rail trails and cycle paths. Google has mostly done its job, however, at one point it had us looking a very large pond where it thought there was a road.

These guys were working on the Cataraqui Trail and gave us lots of directions and advice. They were passionate about their trail.

We are having a great trip. You can see more details at the route journal that we are keeping on Crazyguyonabike.com. The best part of theses trips is always the people that we meet on the way. Our mode of transport  gets lots of comments from both cyclists and noncyclists. Lots of folks stop to talk, to give advice, to tease J about being a hanger-on. They want to know where we came from, where we are going, and how sore we are now (we are a bit sore)

So far, the weather has been great, on the hot side. Tomorrow there is talk of rain. That could make things a little more uncomfortable.


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