Leftover Sale Day

The village we call ours, even though we live just as close to two others that are bigger, holds an annual village wide garage sale. You sign up and pay five dollars to be put on the map for the day,  then lots of people from all over, converge on the village because they know there is lots of stuff available, all at once. We live 17 km from the village, so putting ourselves on the map doesn’t really work. No one is going to make a trip our here when they can put in a good day, going from one yard to the next, without investing a lot of gas.

So, we borrowed a driveway. We actually thought we were going to share a sale, but the folks whose driveway we ended up in must take a lot of things to the dump, because they only had one article to sell. We had lots more.

Most of our stuff had been accumulated through the comings and goings of our children. When they went off to school they needed stuff, bookcases, desk lamps, dishes, pots and pans, cutlery, and small appliances. All of this has been stored in our barn.  Earlier this spring we decided, since all of them are now gone and living their own settled lives, most of the leftovers in the shed were likely just that, left over.

We sorted through it all. A load went to the dump. The rest was cleaned and sorted, prepared for sale.

Our stuff in a borrowed driveway

This morning J and I were up before 5:30 and by 6 were on our way to our borrowed driveway. By 6:20, we had made our first sale and by 7:00 we were set up and ready for the crowds. J went to work and left me in charge.

Folks came. They came on foot, by car, and by horse and buggy (these ones were the biggest buyers). They pawed, they sorted, they hummed and hawed and dickered. They carried stuff away. By 12:30 it seemed to be over. I loaded the rejected, unwanted bits (they are still taking up quite a bit of room in the truck) delivered a table to an Amish family, and went home to count my takings. $183 for stuff that was just leftovers.

The day wasn’t just about the money though. It’s about community too. I visited with a lot of people who I had not seen in a while. Many were surprised to find we had moved to such a nice house in town (which we hadn’t) because they thought we still lived out in the country (which we do). Many went off with a piece of our lives, or our children’s lives, at a bargain price.

I’m sure we have enough to do it all again next year.


2 thoughts on “Leftover Sale Day

    • I might be good…but not that good. I did sell a stock prod and an electric dehorner to an Old Order Mennonite.

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