Tandem or Not, Controversy Solved

A week or so ago, I wrote about an upcoming cycling trip we are planning for the end of May. The post ended with some indecision. Do we ride our tandem bike and pull a trailer or do we ride our touring bikes as we did in 2010 and carry pannier bags?

The decision has been made. We are going with the tandem. Part of the answer came on a ride last week with friends who are serious riders. We rode the tandem into town (18km) had coffee with them, and joined them on the first half of their ride which went past our door (29 km). These folks like to ride hard and we were able to keep up quite nicely. Normally, J, who is a smaller person, would be found far in the rear and I would be somewhere behind the leaders and on the edge of cardiac arrest. This time, we spent a considerable part of the ride leading, and never were very far from the rest of the pack. Two can be better than one. (in more things than biking…our wedding text).

Suggestions for a name for this bike would be appreciated

So, this past weekend we went shopping on cyberspace for a trailer and ended up buying one from our local bike shop. It had been in inventory for long enough that they were willing to part with it at a lower price than any we found on the web.  We’re going to be long and corners will be wide. We will be a little more vulnerable. If a bike fails when there are two, the other can ride for help or parts. If a pannier breaks, contents can be spread between the other seven. Now all of our eggs are in one basket. Hopefully the entire route has good cell phone coverage!


2 thoughts on “Tandem or Not, Controversy Solved

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