Cycling Trip 2012

We’ve been planning another long distance bike trip for this spring. Those who follow this blog will remember that in 2010 we did a couple of trips, one to Pelee Island and one around Lake Ontario. Last year, our cycling took a hit from walking, both on the Camino and on the Bruce Trail, so apart from a number of shorter local trips, the bikes did not get much of a workout.

This spring, in fact, about a month from now, we hope to spend most of two weeks in eastern Ontario and Quebec. We’ve mapped our tentative route which includes stops in Ottawa and a visit with friends in Montreal. This trip also includes the piece of the waterfront trail that we did not do two years ago when we turned right and followed Lake Ontario at Kingston.

There is a small debate that needs to be cleared yet. Two years ago, in the spring, we bought a pair of Opus Legato touring bikes which we used for the previous long treks. Later that year we bought a Miyata tandem which we have put a few hundred kilometers on. The debate is: do we take the touring bikes with pannier bags or pull a trailer with the tandem? We know that we can move faster with the tandem, but it is less maneuverable in urban areas. J and I do like each other, but can we stand being so close together for 950 km? The tandem does mean that no one gets left behind, and we can talk to eachother more easily. Going with the tandem also means buying more stuff, we don’t currently own the trailer, so this is a concern as well.

The debate continues, but one way or the other, we will ride.

Stay tuned for the  end of the story……


3 thoughts on “Cycling Trip 2012

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