Patient Number 7

With the semester’s work winding down, I decided to make a run to the library. I don’t get there very often anymore. In past years our family was the largest user of the local branch with five readers chewing through books. We were likely also the largest contributors to the libraries income through the overdue fines that we paid.

I held myself back and only picked up two books, thinking that surely I could manage to get through them in three weeks.

I started the first one right away on Saturday and by Monday morning it was done. Patient Number 7 is by the Canadian author, Kurt Palka, and draws on his own Austrian background giving a unique perspective on the events of the Second World War. The story focuses on Clara and her experience as the wife of an Austrian officer in the German army. Flashing backward and forward, alternating between the present and the past we are given a very sympathetic view of a country and a people who were drawn into a conflict that was not theirs.

It’s a new book and a highly recommended read.


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