I am told that I am becoming too serious. My critic says that my blog posts have lost what little humour they ever had. I apparently can’t tell a story without sharing the sermon that goes with it. I never thought that I was a really funny guy, but obviously, whatever funny there was must have taken the other fork in the road when I started toward seminary.  I remain, apparently, humourless and boring (she claims she never said boring).

This accusation is bothering me just a little bit. I’m not sure its even fair and likely in some way hormone induced. Sure, you won’t hear me laughing out loud very often anymore when reading a book. A Theology of Public Life by Mathewes doesn’t have very many good one liners. Most of the people I hang around with at seminary are pretty serious, nose to the grindstone, types. We laugh sometimes, but outsiders might not get the jokes. My consulting customers, of course,  are another sort all together and like to laugh, but I need to keep my professional sense about me and telling too many funny stories can ruin one’s credibility.

My new study partner, Liia

So, today I got a study partner. She will help me to not take myself too seriously. She knows when to put her work down and go for a walk outside. She knows the value of stretching out for a good nap, often. She values loyalty and knows who the important people are in her life and what things are important as well. She’s had a bit of a problem with Hebrew, and is having a hard time figuring out what Augustine was really thinking, but, she will make a great pastor because she is such a good listener.

I’m hoping that she may be able to help me with my seeming loss of humour.


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