Reading Week is Over

Well, its gone. Reading week is over.

I really did not accomplish  as much as I had hoped, partially because the academic world did not stop quite as much as it might have. Calvin Seminary’s reading week is this coming week, so last week still required that I keep up with readings and assignments for the online polity course from there. Its a course with a lot of writing. Mostly short case studies, but last week there were five of them.

Of course, taking reading week off from the soup kitchen just would not have been right. I was there Monday, as usual and wrote the required journal entry for the course as well.

J and I had a nice day out on Wednesday. We had lunch together, restocked our shelves at the Bulk Barn (student discounts on Wednesday), restocked the wine inventory from  the LCBO (and found some good deals from the favorite winery),

Saturday was an exhorter’s training session in Kitchener put on by Classis Huron. The day started out early,blowing the snow of the first real snowfall of the season.  Technically, Saturday is maybe not part of reading week, but it likely would have been an academic day anyway. As it was, I learned about preaching with a group of other lay preachers. The instructors were good, provocative even. It was a worthwhile day (but I need to rewrite that latest sermon AGAIN) ending with a great meal and some excellent conversation.



So, we head into the last six weeks of the semester. Time pressure will come to bear on the work I did not get done in the past week and it will happen. I don’t know why it, is that getting close to deadlines makes me so much more productive, but they do!

The end is in sight!! (for those with keen eyes)


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