Reading week

Source: UBC Film Society

Thursday, I began Reading Week. It really doesn’t start until Monday (Tuesday if you recognize that Monday was a holiday anyway), but, the end of my class on Thursday really marked the beginning of a time with no classes until Tuesday the 28th. That’s a lot of days off. It doesn’t mean I won’t be busy though, and, unfortunately, the time won’t be spent on a beach anywhere.

A number of things will come in the way of this time being totally relaxing. On Monday night I need to teach a Catechism class to the youth group at a neighbouring church. Their regular teacher is on a sabbatical trip to South America, and finding no one in their own congregation to take on the job, they decided to hire me to take it on. It’s been more than a couple of years since I taught a large youth group. I went back in my presentations and found what I had done the last time this particular lesson came up. I found out that I’ve changed since then. While I can see what I did, it was really bad in terms of presentation. So, I have some work to do on that project so that I can make a good first impression.

This will also be a week of paper writing. All of my classes have a major paper that is due in late March. They are also very demanding in terms of weekly submissions which are flowing nicely into a pattern, but the pattern is leaving no time for these larger tasks. Hopefully, I can at least get a good start on some of them.

The Church Polity course from Calvin Seminary doesn’t know about Reading Week. It will continue through the week. It is my most demanding class in terms of submissions. Last week there were four of them due totaling just over 2000 words.

Threefold consulting will take me away from my desk for at least one day this week. It will be fine though since J is working more this coming week than normal, covering holidays, and it does get really quiet in the house with just me and the dog.


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