This morning when I checked the statistics for this blog, the total hit count was sitting at an even 10,000. I thought that was pretty cool. Such a nice round number.

The first post on the blog was back in July of 2009 and with 117 words I expressed some hopes for the future as my life was beginning to take a new direction. Since then I’ve written 211 posts and in the area of 100,000 words. I’ve enjoyed the writing and find it somewhat therapeutic.

I’ve  enjoyed the feeling that out there in cyberspace folks are finding some value in following what I write. I know that the blog has regular subscribers both on WordPress and through Google Reader. I also know that some individuals hit my home page every day, many from Ontario, but some from further away. I don’t know what draws them, but there is a feeling of community, even though it is fairly one-sided. Most of the visitors come, read, and leave, anonymously, quietly. I’m good with that, I’m glad that they find some value in what is written here.

I also know that I have friends that read what is written here. Friends who are interested in the life that J and I are living, the things we do, the struggles we face, and the journey that we are travelling.  I’m glad that you are along with us, and while you to are generally quiet in terms of leaving comments I’m always a little surprised when it talk to you and you already know so much of the story because you have read it here. You keep me honest as well, because you know who I really am. Thanks.

So, its onward to the next 10,000. My hit count has increased steadily over the life of the blog so the next 10,000 may not take as long as the first.

Thanks again for visiting. Your interest is appreciated.


3 thoughts on “10,000

    • Not really…..

      Do you think you were? The 10,000th hit came this morning between midnight and eight o’clock.

      Happy that you continue to follow. Sounds positive for your church as well!!!

      • No, i don’t think it was me who made the counter go to 10,000. But i do check in regularly. We are indeed very excited about this minister. He has a family with 3 young children (girls in Grade 7 and 6 and a boy in Grade 3). Originally they are from Korea. We are at a time in Western Society that we have missionaries come our way.

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