Is this February?

Its Saturday, February 4 2012, and we are living through a really weird winter. I woke up this morning to a cacophony of bird song that is normal in April and May. The fields are pretty much bare and two eagles (I’ve never seen an eagle here before) are working on eating something (likely a racoon, we don’t have anymore cats) with the help of a flock of crows.

January and February in this part of Ontario usually means snow squalls, closed roads, and that comfortable feeling that comes with being stranded in your house with the wind howling all around knowing that you can just relax because no one expects you to be anywhere anyway. This morning J is out for a run. Yesterday a cyclist went by. It just seems wrong.

So, I’m sitting here beside the wood stove anyway. It will be too hot here soon. The dog is sleeping at my feet. Its uncomfortable though. Spring seems to be in the air. A time to hurry up and get going. I’m instinctively being prompted to go outside and do something, clean something up, build something, spring is here.

Instead, I think I will fight the feeling. I have tomorrow’s sermon to polish and print, a paper on political theology to write for Tuesday, maybe a nap to have.  Just to keep the pressure of an impending spring at bay, I’ll just pretend that it is winter for a few more days.

Of course, it might come back. That will be another post to complain about the weather.


2 thoughts on “Is this February?

  1. I really hope it does come back, if it has ever been here at all… It just hasn’t felt like winter and I really miss it. I’m still hoping for lots of snow. I’ m not a farmer, but I love gardening, so I know a little about how you feel when it comes to “wanting to get outside and do something!” Nice post.

    • Thanks for dropping by,

      It’s actually a stronger feeling than “wanting” It’s almost an instinctive needing to get out and be busy, a feeling that wants you to hurry up because spring and summer are short and winter will be here again soon and you need to be ready to survive that. Years as a farmer, and being involved in the farming community, likely have something to do with that urge to get moving.

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