Symposium Day Two

Day two of the Calvin Worship Symposium was just too big to adequately summarize in a short blog post. Beginning with a very moving morning service, led musically by John Bell and the Psalm Project in which Anne Zaki masterfully took the words of praise found in Psalm 113 and applied them to our messy lives with the picture of a God who stoops down, followed by a plenary address by Walter Brueggemann which brought the crowd to their feet in gratitude, the morning was wonderful.

The Worship Symposium Graphic

The afternoon was filled with workshops. Again the presenters I saw included “big” names.  N.T. Wright and Tom Long did not disappoint bringing their wisdom and experience and sharing it generously.

I ended the day with a Taize vesper service of simple repeated (and repeated) songs that became something of a chant in their repetition and, in the fact that we were invited to sing in various languages, making the experience even more meditative and chant like, since the person beside you was repeating different words. The service included long (5 minute) periods of silence, something that we are not accustomed to. It was uncomfortable in many ways, but maybe worship should not always be comfortable.

The program along with the time spent with old friends, new friends, and family (there is a good contingent of family here) has been worthwhile. The evening ended with a couple of hours of conversation with my mentors and a few more words on Sunday’s sermon.


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