On Grandfather-hood

It seems that I am going to become a grandfather.

Our daughter, R, is pregnant, news which we have known for a few weeks, but, which has been made public in only the last few days. She was here over Christmas, but, we followed her wishes and quietly savored the news within the confines of our immediate family. The baby is due to make its appearance in June. We are already planning our next trip west!

One of the good things about this sort of news is that you normally have some months from the announcement to the coming of the new addition to get used to the idea. I’m just not sure if I feel old enough to be grandfather material.  I spend most of my days at school, learning, hanging out with people who are mostly younger than I am. That youth rubs off. Some of my profs are my age (and younger) but somehow I see them as considerably older and wiser. Most of them are not grandparents.

I’m not sure how I feel about sleeping with a grandmother. (she’s not sure about sleeping with a grandfather (she actually said…with such an old fart!!!))

It’s another phase in life, another milestone. Time just keeps marching on. R will always be my little girl, but she went and got all grown up, and now, she’s going to be a mom. I’ve been blessed as a husband, as a father, and now, I trust that I will also be blessed in my role as a grandfather, however that might look.

Really, I am excited about this next phase of the journey!


One thought on “On Grandfather-hood

  1. Trust me, you are going to LOVE it! I worked with a lot of younger people too, and until the cancer never felt old enough to be an Oma, but being one does not make me feel any older at all – just happier and more blessed and thankful! Enjoy! Aren’t those ultrasound pictures amazing?

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