Over the holiday between semesters I read some books, just for me. In the last couple of weeks of school, I had really begun to crave fiction. Theology books and research material were just not filling the need. As soon as I finished the last paper, I headed to the library. Here’s what I read.

Reinventing the Rose, Kenneth J. Harvey

An interesting, artsy kind of book. It wraps the idea of an embryo being the common shared property of two people with legal ownership by both with a woman’s struggle with some sort of mental illness. It is interesting that the main character is a woman while the book is written by a man. It is set in Newfoundland. There was more than one time that I found the book disturbing enough that I wanted to put it down.

Water for Elephants, Sara Gruen

The best of this lot of books, this is another Canadian (living in the US) authour. This one, written by a woman is told by an old man and describes love and adventure in the 1930’s as part of the circus. Its a story a life that from the outside appears exotic but from the inside is brutal and sad. The sections told in the present show the loneliness and loss of old age.

Glass Boys, Nicole Lundrigan

Another Canadian author and another book set in Newfoundland. This is a dark book, following the lives of two families and their effect on each other. We see the choices they make and the concessions they accept in their own lives to just maintain their existence. It’s a good read.

Sanctus, Simon Toyne

This one, I wouldn’t read again or recommend. while the first three have a ring of authenticity to them, this one is fantasy pretending to be reality. It reads a little like the Da Vinci Code with all of its fantastic and unrealistic twists and turns. Like Brown’s book it also tries to use the mystery of the biblical story to build an alternative and secret reality.

Now, its back to theology books…..


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