Ten Days to Christmas

The Season is here. Christmas is only ten days away.

J has the house decorated. She did it while I finished those last papers a week ago. Apart from bringing the tree up from the basement, I wasn’t much help. We have a garland on the porch railing and a big wreath outside the front door.She devised a new kind of decoration for the inside railing that includes our collection of special ornaments, “Our First Christmas 1980”,  “Baby’s First Christmas 1982”, the Bernese Mountain Dog figurine, and mementos from other events and travels. She also decorated our dining room chairs with ribbons and balls, an idea she got from a Christmas open house tour in a nearby village.

Our tree is a small one, sitting in our bay window, this year surrounded by the nativity scene. J is starting to think that her nativity scene is starting to look tacky. I disagree. It is a display of her handy work and does as good a job of telling the story as any other, more elaborate, display that I have seen. The sheep and the manger were added last year. Until then Jesus slept in a Tupperware container filled with cotton batting.

Our Christmas traditions begin as well. This Saturday I will sing in the Messiah. It’s been a few years since I was part of a local choir that puts on the performance, but, I am really looking forward to it. Sunday E.and C hold their annual “at home”, something that we have attended with friends and neighbors for over ten years. In the evening we will go to the Candlelight Service at the church. I still remember the first one, likely in the early 70’s, put on by the Evangelism committee. It really didn’t do much to bring our community into the church, but it was magical.

Our kids will all be home this year. This was an unexpected surprise. It won’t be a long visit, and we will have to share them at two family Christmas celebrations, but it is a gift.

In it all, we will remember that the real gift of Christmas is that baby in the manger, God incarnate. Hallelujah!!


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