The Way

On Friday night we went to London to watch “The Way”, a new Martin Sheen movie that tells the story of a father who spreads the ashes of his dead pilgrim son along the Camino de Santiago. We did not go to see the movie as much as to relive the experience and the scenery that the movie depicts. We went to be reminded  our own experience of the Camino.

As we sat together in a nearly empty theater, that had not been changed in 40 years, we did indeed rekindle some of our experiences. We saw Sheen in Burgos, in a restaurant that we had been inside; in Leon, on the  plaza in front of the cathedral that we had explored; in the ancient village of O’Cebrero; and of course in the cathedral in Santiago. The movie did a good job of capturing the flavour of the Camino and the relationships that can be built there.

The story itself was a little lame and predictable, but, we weren’t there for the story.

After the lights came up, I asked the folks behind us if the movie had inspired them to walk the Camino. They all said yes, but most seemed to have a convenient excuse that would keep them from actually doing it.

We went away, wondering, all over, what happened to us on that journey and feeling like we really need to go and do it again. (maybe)


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