It seemed like a long pull, but, the last paper of the semester was submitted half an hour ago. It was Hebrew Exegesis and I was looking particularly at Genesis 12:1-3. It’s amazing how three short verses can turn into 4000 words and still not give the feeling that enough

has been said.

The prof was good enough to give me an extension to take a bit of pressure off at the end of the term. It was appreciated and I don’t think I abused his generosity, but, the extension may have lifted a little too much pressure. The paper was originally due on Tuesday. I worked on it Tuesday, after finishing a New Testament take home exam, and on Wednesday as well between rations and phone calls. Thursday I made farm calls for Threefold Consulting as I did on Friday morning as well. Friday afternoon and evening were taken up by a funeral and a movie (more on that later). So, by this morning it was starting to feel like the generosity was turning into a lack of motivation to finish. Deadlines are a good thing.

More than three full weeks are stretched in front of me. I really want to read a few real books. Lose myself in novels, in fantasy, in fiction. I miss reading for fun. There will be a bunch of farm calls to do and some training sessions, but no 4000 word papers.

Of course, Christmas is part of the coming weeks. Everyone will be home which is exciting. Distance makes it impossible for our family to be together very often. It is a real treat that it is going to work out this year.

A contented sigh.


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