I’m not dead, just gone.

I just noticed that it has been nearly two weeks since my last post. There is at least two reasons for that.

The first is that nothing spectacular or even worth writing about has happened. The weather has been beautiful, life has been busy, but nothing has been remarkable. It may be that I’ve just been too busy to see the remarkable.

Nose to the grindstone

Busyness is the second reason that I’ve been quiet. I almost feel like I am stealing these words from another paper or project that is waiting to be finished. The semester is coming to a close and with that, the flurry of papers that need to be completed (and started). In the last two weeks of the semester I need to hand in items that will total over 20,000 words. I’m about half done. Hebrew is still taking a tremendous amount of time, but I can see the end of it.

I might have taken on a little too much consulting and preaching as well.

I will get through this and really, I am still having fun!!!

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks, noticing the remarkable in the mundane.


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