I Think the Season Passed

It looks like biking is over for this year.

Today, while hammering away at Hebrew Exegesis and Hermeneutics (I’m using those words just because I can) it seemed that the sun outside was beckoning me to ride. I checked the thermometer, 10 degrees Celsius. I look outside my window again. It doesn’t look too windy. I really do want to go!

So, I put on the spandex (try not to let your imagination run too much here) and another layer, thinking that maybe 10 degrees is not really so warm, and head out.

My first realization that this was not a good idea was when the wind hit me. My east facing window did not give me much indication of the west wind. It was blowing and it was making a wind chill that likely pushed my balmy 10 degrees down to two or three. I went anyway and after a kilometer and a half turned directly into the wind. I lasted another kilometer or so, put my back to the wind and pedaled for home.

By the time I got there, it felt like I might need to spit up a lung. Fingers needed to be pried off of the handlebars.

The bike is inside now, on the trainer, where I guess it will likely stay till next March or April. For the next couple of months the scenery I see biking will be the basement and my computer screen.

So, the end of season number is 1338 km counting all three bikes. Nowhere near last year’s record, but considering all the other things we did this summer, I’m satisfied.



2 thoughts on “I Think the Season Passed

  1. I had one come home biking from school complaining about a sore jaw because it was so cold. I guess tomorrow they should take the bus.

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