Its Here

The view from out patio door this morning.

This post doesn’t need a lot of words. Everyone has different emotions with the coming of the first snow. Today, November 11 2011 its here. From what the weather forecasters are saying, the snow won’t be staying. These snowflakes are just the scouts for the larger army that’s sure to come.


2 thoughts on “Its Here

  1. Great beauty in the scene you posted. Tranquil. I have marvelled at the scenery around us this morning. Because i am not a hunter, and i did not have to drive to work, and i am not working outside this morning (and because i have no window dressings)…i bask in the graciously beautiful scenery i see thru my many windows. No photo and no painting can capture the scene that is every changing before me now that the sun is peaking thru and warming the earth between the occassional frantic snow falls which desperatly wants to maintain the christmasy feeling. God is in control and we are blessed, we just need to receive.

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