7 Billion

According to the United Nations, on October 31 2011 the seven billionth person came into this world. They have even designated a symbolic person to be the place holder for this milestone, newborn Danica Camacho, the Philippines’ symbolic seven billionth baby.

Newborn Danica Camacho, the Philippines' symbolic seven billionth baby

It’s mind boggling, isn’t it? Seven billion is such a huge number. Even more amazing is the fact that when I was born there were only three and a half billion people. You have to wonder about the places where all this growth is taking place. I certainly is not here! There are fewer people living in this neighborhood than there were fifty years ago. Our population is aging, and that is a concern, but obviously half of the world’s population is under the age of fifty. There is lots of youth and lots of energy out there.

How much more can the world carry? Some folks say that if we were to get away from our dependency on oil the number is three hundred million which was where we were at steadily for about a thousand years a millennium or so ago. It’s hard to fathom that as well.

Lucky that it’s mostly not my problem. Thinking about these numbers is a little like contemplating the size of the universe. The size of the number and my smallness in it is just a bit scary.

By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. Hebrews 11:3


One thought on “7 Billion

  1. BTW -I was number 5 billion in ’61. I think I should have got balloons and a gift certificate or something – but no – didn’t even get my picture in the paper – I guess being 7th billion is somehow more impressive than being 5th billion. Is that ageism or numberism?

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