160 Acres in 11 Minutes 43.58 seconds

Today we went to an event that will be a once in a lifetime experience.

One of the local Canadain Foodgrains Bank growing projects has been working since last January to make a big impact with a large, spectacular event.  They called themselves Harvest for Hunger and set out to break the record for harvesting a quarter section, or 160 acres and raise $200,000 towards food security around the world in the process.

The event was to have happened last Friday, but rain delayed it to today, October 5 2011. 

What a sight to see 120 combines in the same field. There were state of the art machines beside machines that had quite a few years on them. The combines had been well-organized and most of the beans were off in under 10 minutes. A few combines rushed around the field cleaning up bits that had been missed, putting the time for the last bean in the bin at 11:43.58. The record is apparently broken!!!

It was great to be there to share the event and the party/victory atmosphere that went along with it. People really got the impression that they were not only participating in an event of a life time, but also somehow, helping folks out who are less fortunate than they are.

It felt like community was built.


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