Back at It

The first full week of school is past and I am feeling just a little overwhelmed, maybe a little unstable.

This semester I am taking a bigger load of classes than I have taken before, five full classes. Last year it was four and a half. This should not be that much of an extra burden, but I think that the extra angst is coming from the fact that the courses are coming at me from different places. One course is an online course from Calvin seminary with the demands of online posts and responses filling the end of the week. Hebrew exegesis is happening on a one  on one basis at Tim Hortons with no place to hide in class, no opportunity to let other students ask and answer the questions. Three courses are happening at the seminary, but one of those meets for full days only five times. I’ve got twenty percent of that class behind me, but as the semester goes on the workload in weeks when that class happens is dramatically increased.

On top of all this class work, I have taken on a ministry at the church training the young adults and young parents in the church to recognize and use their leadership gifts, I continue to preach regularly, and the phone continues to ring with consulting work.

I know that in the end everything will get done and the experience will be a good one. Every spring on the farm the same feeling of being overwhelmed would happen as I looked at all of the work that needed to be done in a short time. Each year, working one day at a time, it got done, and will again this year. The work is different. The concept is the same.

So, its back to reading, writing, responding and remembering not to take on anything more for a while.


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