So…a Mexican, a Korean, and a Canadian are at a Canadian Bible study…..

The title of this post was my reality this past week. I’m not going to say too much about the Canadian Bible Study other than the fact that I brought one book home to finish. Some people think I should have brought more since the books are cheaper in the US.

I was in Grand Rapids visiting Calvin Seminary and some Christian Reformed Church highlights. It was a week of meetings, classes, psychologist visits, and orientation. The week was full, and while initially it seemed to just be a hurdle to be jumped, it turned out to be good.

There are eight people in the pilot program that I am part of. Four of us were able to come to GR this past week. We came from all over the map (El Paso TX, Fullerton CA, Seattle WA, and Lucknow ON). We represented a wide slice of CRC demographic (Mexican/American, Korean/American, Canadian, American Woman). We had fun together, prayed together, shared our hopes and dreams with each other. We became friends.

We experienced, I think, some of the same sort of communitas that we found on the Camino. A common goal and common struggle leads quickly to caring for each other.

Our group along with our CRC coordinator.

We also got to meet the Resident EPMC’s. These are folks who will attend Calvin seminary and do, in thirteen weeks, what we will do over 24 months. This year there are more EPMC’s than ever. Fourteen residents and eight in the pilot program. I have the dubious honour of being the oldest person in the group.

Us three guys lived together for the week in a condo owned by Christian Reformed World Missions. Thus the line…a Mexican, a Korean, and a Canadian are at a Canadian Bible study…..


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