Almost Heaven

I have to admit, I was not really looking forward to this trip to Grand Rapids. It really seemed like a chore that needed to be done so that a door that I may or may not walk through could be opened.

Today was a day of meeting new people and trying to explain who I am and where I come from. We toured the seminary; met staff and professors; had supper with the president; endured an interview that is tied to the psychological testing that is did a few weeks ago. All very tiring.

The highlight came at the end of the day.

Grand Rapids is a city of publishers and book houses. Zondervan, Eerdman,  and Baker, big names in the religious publishing field are here. We had an hour to spare this afternoon and visited the Eerdman outlet. It was cool. I got one book at a good price.

Then, after supper, we went to the Baker Publishing store. It was amazing! They run a used book store out of this location. A couple of weeks ago I ordered a Hebrew text-book from them and rather than have them ship it, I arranged to pick it up. The book was a good price. $19 instead of the $38 new price which was not even available. Arriving at the store, I ask one of the attendants about my book which she finds and brings to me with its $19 price tag, as promised.

Did I mention that the used book section is huge and has nothing but used Christian books. I decide to browse and in doing so, find three more copies of my book, brand new but slightly damaged, for $6.50.  I kept browsing and found a couple of more (well more than a couple) books which I take to the counter. A different young lady tells me that used books are 40% off. My $38 book is now $3.90 and by the time I get it home will be in the same condition as the new one would have  been a month from now. I got five books, including a nice little Hebrew English dictionary (everyone is really jealous now)  for $23.

Those were American dollars too.

I wish I had a list of the other textbooks I need for the upcoming semester. I might go back tomorrow.


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