Home from LBL Cottage

We are home again from a wonderful week of doing almost nothing. Nothing is not really true. Those of you who know us, know that doing absolutely nothing is just not part of the program. We did do things. We canoed, we hiked, we read (a lot) things that were not necessary to read, we ate (a lot and well), we drank (most of us in moderation), we played games together, some of us knitted, cross stitching and chip carving happened. We went to bed early and slept late. We were together as a family for the first time in over a year and we are still a family at the end.

LBL Cottage was both an inspiration and a disappointment. Inspiring in that  living in a log house has always been a sort of dream for J and I.  This log house (called a cottage) was something over 3000 square feet and gave that feel of solidness that comes with a big log building. A huge fireplace dominates the great room and was used on a couple of cool nights. The place maintains its cottage feel throughout with painted plywood on the floors and a very simple kitchen. The cottage was built over 20 years ago and the trees have filled in all around it.  It sits alone on the private lake making it a very quiet place.

Our lake for the week

Unless the generator is running! The cottage is off the grid.  A generator provides electricity to run the water pump and really nothing else.  We continually watched the water pressure gauge which was mounted in the kitchen.  The mathematicians of the family started to calculate the  pressure costs of each household function. A flush of the toilet was eight pounds, filling the kitchen sink was 10. Each running of the pump would yield four flushes or three fills. When we took showers the generator ran constantly. We got used to pumping water, not a big disappointment.

The view from the bathroom window

The disappointment came with the propane side of the equation. All of the other things in the cottage that we normally run with electricity, were propane. Propane lights were fitted throughout the house, a total of nine fixture for the entire 3000+ square feet. These fixtures produced about as much light as a 40 watt light bulb.  With all the lights on, we still needed flashlights to read at night. The propane fridge was actually more disappointing. Quite a lot of food which we bought in a volume big enough to last a week since the stores were far away, spoiled before we could use it because the fridge was just not big enough or powerful enough to keep up.

The disappointments, while adding a bit of a damper, were not big enough to spoil our week.  Maybe they made it. If the place had been perfect, it would either have been booked or far too expensive for us to afford. It sure beat living in a tent!!!

Next week, back to school.


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