Mission Aborted

Today dawned sunny, a nice change from yesterday. By 8:20 we were on our way dropping one vehicle at the Cape Crocker Indian Camp and taking the other to the same parking lot we used yesterday. Instead of taking the Purple Valley

Some of the terrain

Side Trail back to the Bruce trail we decided to take another one that went from the parking lot and joined the main trail 4.9 km later.  We did this hoping that the terrain would be a little easier. What we found was a trail that is hardly used at all. We started out in four-foot tall grass soaked with dew. It may as well have been raining.

Liia got the worst of it though.  Down at her level there were plants with little burrs looking to hitch a ride.

Liia getting a haircut

She was a mess. Once we got into the woods again J got the scissors out of the first aid kit and went to work. Some traveler in the future will have a great time trying to figure out what is with the pile of black, white and brown hair sitting beside the trail. We hope they don’t think they have discovered the signs of a new species in the area.

We ended the day at km 34.  We did not follow the trail all day and actually cut off a bit of distance by taking a short cut. We likely walked between 13 and 14 km today but there is so much up and down and trying not to break an ankle that it seemed a lot longer.

We are seriously thinking about aborting this trip. Maybe the Camino just wrecked the Bruce Trail for us. The trail seems to be more and more of the same, and we are really noticing the lack of communitas. We will likely still walk a couple of days but the goal of walking the 170 km from Wiarton to Tobermory is off the table tonight.  The Lions Head trailer park is not helping the situation either with neighbours close on either side and our only shade a sapling.


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