2011 MS Ride is Ridden

1852 riders, riding all sorts of bikes 89 km from Grand bend to London Ontario on Saturday and then back by a slightly different route, 85 km on Sunday.  1852 riders raising $1.125 million to defeat Multiple Sclerosis.

J and I were the 2 on the end of 1852. Some folks wondered, as we rode by, how we were counted, did we pay two registration fees, since we were on one bike.  We took our tandem out for the longest run that we have done with it so far and it was a success. Last week I put new tires on the bike, so that should not have been an issue, but it was.  This morning the front tire was flat. We borrowed a pump, rode 15 km, had it pumped again, rode another 30 km and decided to have a new tube installed. There are bike mechanics at all the rest stops (about  15km apart). Our local guy was at stop 3 and was happy to pop in a new tube and have us on our way.

With the two of us pedaling we were able to make excellent time both days and got a lot of comments along the way.  Some of them, like “You know she’s not doing anything at the back”  were not appreciated by my stoker.  She was pedaling hard.

It is all about beating MS though.  We were able to raise more than we ever have before, allowing J to get one of the coveted $1000 jerseys. We were just short for me to get one too.  We certainly appreciate the support we got from our various communities.

Riding with the CRC Loose Spokes, a team of 25 riders all coming from Christian Reformed Churches throughout Ontario allowed us to meet some new people.  Even though we did not always ride together, we did get to know some of the other team members and look forward to riding with them again next year.

It was blazing hot, but it did not rain on us.

A good weekend


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