We’ve got a Building Project Going On

We’re building!!!

For a number of years we have felt that our hot tub is just in the wrong place.  It’s on our deck right outside the master bedroom door.  Now this is ideal, since lots of folks say that if the tub is more than three steps away from the door, you won’t use it in the winter time. That may be true, but  this deck gets three to four feet of snow on it and if those three steps are steps up to your thighs in snow, you don’t use the tub either. Especially if you need to spend twenty minutes shoveling the thing off before you can even open it.

The other disadvantage of having it just outside the bedroom door is that when it does its cycling (pumping water etc.) during the night, it wakes me up.

Its been in its current location for five winters now, and that’s enough. Its moving.

We are going to add a piece to the west side of the house.  Really just a roof in a corner. Two sides will be open. The tub will be three steps from the garage door.  Maybe not quite as handy for that early morning, straight out of bed sitting in the tub time, but likely a bit more convenient in terms of snow, rain and noise in the night.

We have a young contractor who is going to build the roof. We decided to take on the floor ourselves.  Initially we looked at having a contractor do coloured stamped concrete, but that was way expensive.  We’ve decided to do almost twice as much, with patio both under the roof and outside, using patterned patio stones and we will spend less than half the money.

J and I started Monday, clearing out the sod and by this evening, between working on Hebrew and all the other things that go on in life, we have the base finished for our new 16X30 foot patio. It’s all level and compacted.  Now we are waiting for the patio stones which had to be special ordered at the lumber yard.  It’s been really hot this week so we have been working in the morning and evening and tackling other things (read Hebrew) in the heat of the day.  We still come in soaked.

Running the compactor making a hard base for the patio stones. Doesn't it look nice and level.

Our contractor will pour the concrete for the posts which will hold up the roof on Monday.

After a summer that seems to have been spent in my office, writing papers, studying Hebrew, and  running rations, its nice to do something with my hands and back.


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