VBS and Chef Pierre

VBS (Vacation Bible School) has become a bit of a highlight of my summer. Pretending to be someone I’m not, having fun with kids, telling stories that can have more than one meaning are all a part of the week.

This year I was Chef Pierre who tells the kids about things that happen on Main St, things that are a little inside out and upside down. We talked about being grateful even when the things you have or circumstances you are in are not what you really want; forgiving even when you have been seriously wronged (and the person is not even sorry!); being compassionate to people who you don’t even like; being faithful with the gifts you have been given; and showing grace especially to those who don’t deserve it.

The grace piece was the toughest for the kids to get their heads around.  It is really a bit of an abstract idea. The others (except maybe for faithfulness) are pretty black and white: someone does this…you respond like that. Grace is harder to put your finger on.  In a lot of cases it looks like forgiveness, because those are the examples we use.  Grace may include some of that faithfulness, compassion, and certainly comes from a center of gratitude.  It was the fourth day of our program, but maybe grace should have been at the end.

So…its over for another year.  We had 60 kids out with only about 10 of those from our own congregation. A number of the kids did come from some of the other churches in town, but the majority don’t see the inside of a church very often.  I hope we showed them that it could be a fun place to be.

Chef Pierre will appear once more, this coming Sunday as we wrap up the week with a service, and a barbecue (with Ice Cream!!!)


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