Summer is Finally Here

It sounds like we are finally going to get some good hot summer weather.  We have experienced such variable stuff over the past months.  It rains every other day, it seems.  The bright side of that is that our lawn, which mostly grows on a sand hill, is still green. The rain is just not that conducive to the outside things that we like to do.

Our summer is pretty well planned and full. For the rest of this month, Hebrew will continue to burn up my days.  Yesterday the prof, using some sketchy math, was able to prove that at something over 20 hours a week spent on dalets and dageshes, I was likely not spending as much time as I would have if the course had not been compressed from 13 weeks to seven. He may be right, but with all of my other MDiv courses, I have been able to get away with not spending all of the time suggested by the profs and still did very well.  I am not finding Hebrew like that.  There don’t seem to be any short cuts.

At the end of July, Hebrew will stop. We will pick up again in the fall, presumably with an exegesis (interpretation) course although I am not confident that I would be able to pass the grammar portion by then.

August will be holidays.  First two weeks on the Bruce trail (I guess this is sort of part of the pilgrimage course) basing ourselves in Lions Head. We will have a week at home before we go north to a cottage with all of our kids.  Its been a year and a half since we were all together, so we are really looking forward to this. I will drive almost directly from there to Grand Rapids for the first of two sessions at the seminary there.

Our bikes are quieter this year. We are doing three or four 20km rides a week, and the touring bikes have not even had their wheels put back on after their service in March. Next year for that I guess.

Click the logo to sponsor my ride

We are riding in the MS Ride from Grand Bend to London and back in a couple of weeks. Sponsors are always welcome.  You can do that online by clicking on the ride logo.  Your support is appreciated.

J and I have been part of the MS Ride a couple of times before.  It is a great experience and last year raised just under $1,000,000 for MS research and support.


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