Do Coincidences mean “Pay Attention”?

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

I know that it is just likely a coincidence that doesn’t mean anything, but, this verse landed on me three times in the last six days. Each time it showed up, it came from a very different place carrying a different interpretation, so maybe, I am supposed to pay attention to it.


The first time was last Saturday at the wedding of a young couple in our church.  Pastor R did a nice job of pointing out that even though they may not see it now, God has a plan for this young couple and for their lives far into the future.  I’m sure that they don’t remember much of the sermon (I don’t remember what the minister said at mine) but the text will be with them for many years.

The second time was Sunday evening.  Sometimes, just for fun, I’ll listen to a sermon on the internet.  This one was the morning service for that same day and, low and behold, used the same text.  This congregation is in a time of transition between pastors and may be trying to figure out where to go from here.  The message basically said that they should spend the time quietly, recognizing that God did indeed have a plan, and to enjoy the time of transition not as a time of busyness but as a time of waiting for God’s revelation of that plan.  God’s plan in place of their plan.

And then….today I received an email from one of the seminaries I am enrolled in, announcing a 1.5 million dollar bequest from an anonymous donor to be used to start an online distance education program at the institution.  The donors quoted this text as part of their motivation for the donation.  God likely has prospered them so that they can give, or they trust God so much that they can give this amount knowing that God will care for them.

One verse, three different uses, all in one week.

Maybe this has to do with my last post regarding Hebrew.  Maybe I am being told not to worry, to be happy, God has a plan and it will all work out prosperously.  And you know….I know that God has a plan, I have been part of it, I have experienced the prosperity that comes in that plan and generally I have been satisfied to wait for the doors to be opened. It’s just that right now, if this is the plan, it’s not an easy one and I just wish that the next stop on the journey was a little clearer.

Or, maybe its just a coincidence.


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